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this that is evangelical both in religion and political and cultural. if you listen to cruz's father speaking at some of these evangelical churches, he has an us versus them view spiritually. there's a minority of real christians. not all christians. it's real christians who understand what's going on. they're going to benefit and the world and the country depends upon them. you take that out to the secular political realm and it's we americans, we don't even have to be in the majority. it's just we who don't like barack obama who want our guns who don't want obama care, we're the real americans. so it's not as if we have a culturally politically diverse country going on. and we go back and forth in between who wins and loses in policy fights, it's about what ask the real america. i think it has tremendously deep religious roots as well. >> i didn't start out the way i am politically. i moved from right to left. and i began even in college or younger i thought we do need social security. everybody can't end up on welfare because they didn't have enough real savings out of their work. you need a progr
, the justices will tackle the role of religion in the public square. they will hear arguments this week in the town of grace, new york versus galloway, the issue whether prayer at government meetings passes constitutional muster. it's argued the town is violating the separation of church and state by opening their council meetings with a christian prayer. jordan lawrence is with alliance freedom and reverend barry lind is representing galloway oig. good day to both you. reverend, the central focus in the case is the first amendment establishment clause. it says congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. so how to you argue in this case the establishment clause, basically the separation of church and state, that it's being violated in this case? >> unlike god save the honorable court, it's become a platitude, it's used so often it's from the much lost its spiritual significance. when you get down to what's going on in greece, new york, you're finding an overwhelming number, in factual but four of the prayers prayed in the
are free to choose their religion. no one has to write -- has the right to interfere in people's beliefs and no one can force a belief on people. if someone wants to force what they believe on people, to force people to eat and drink, to think in the way they see fit, and according to their own ignorance. this is dangerous. at the cultural level. these kinds of ideologies, has its own school, its own institutes. its own supporters, and hence the problem is increasing. so, the problem is huge and increasing and we should face it and we have the right to request is sufferingld from terrorist supporters and all the country suffering from al qaeda. they want to live in peace. ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing an economic recovery despite what you hear at times. this is not having an impact on companies coming and working in iraq and in this meant -- and investment and in building. we will contain the potential disasters that we would have suffered had this it -- security forces not ceased. -- not faced al qaeda. today they are suffering in , iraq. due to people wearing bombs and enter
in employment on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, religion, disability or age. to hire people at your business in the united states of america, you cannot hang up a shingle that says, old people or jews may not apply. to add to that long list of categories, heading into this week, there were three who were not on board of that anti-discrimination legislation. for whatever reason at the start of this week, senators pryor, joe manchin, and bill nelson of florida have not said they supported this bill. but then, once senator harry reid said he would be putting that bill up for a vote between now and thanksgiving, all the three hold-out democratic senators decided they were going to get on board. so now, all the senators support that non-discrimination bill. and when new senator cory booker gets sworn in tomorrow, that means there will be 55 senators who will all vote yes on the anti-discrimination bill. and 55 out of a hundred, do the math, are the majority. but republicans are going to filibuster this bill, make it take 60 votes. they need five more votes. they need five more republican
be offensive to other parents, families, because there's just so many different religions. >> i think the holidays and america's is a melting pot. kwanzaa, hanukkah, christmas. let them sing it all. >> in 2010, the u.s. supreme court declined to hear an appeal of a similar. an appeals court upheld that saying the school should create an inclusive environment. >> is a 12:00. remember to turn your clocks back. i am just loving this extra hour of sleep. >> no controversy there. as for the rest of the day -- >> on the other hand, if we hadn't set the clocks back, we would be done by now. >> i will take this week. >> certainly beautiful. a lot of sunshine around the bay area. good luck a bit chilly. temperatures just out the door. mid to upper 40s inland. not bad. as you look toward the bay bridge, a few high clouds. aside from that, a-ok. livermore 49, san francisco 54, santa rosa 52 degrees. wind speeds right now mostly calm to just a few miles per hour in the south bay. they've even calm down up at napa where they've been gusting up to 25 miles per hour. wind advisories posted for parts
and families. there is so many different religions out there. >> and the holidays is a melting pot. kwanzaa, hanukkah, christmas and let them sing it all. >> in 2010, the u.s. supreme court declined to hear an appeal of a similar ban with another new jersey school district. the appeals court upheld the ban saying the schools should create an inclusive environment. >>> and 9:09, one fewer hour of daylight today. >> and we don't. >> wow. love them. >> it's true and going to be dark early. >> as far as you're concerned. >> and i loved it this morning. >> and we do have a lot of sunshine for you. on the chilly side. not bad at all and for one in the first week of november. and right now, concord's got 53 degrees and san jose, 56 and for santa rosa and had is for the charles schwabb cup in san francisco. and it's going to be breezy and cool and the added temperature of is connect size and this is what we are expecting, the low pressure is moving in over northern california and keeping things chillier than average this time of the year. the low heads out and is replaced by high pressure midweek a
. the show's creator claims it appeals to everyone because it mixes religion and pop culture in a nonoffensive way. not sure i get the connection between britney spears and jesus. >> are they going to change the lyrics or use the songs the way they are? >> i don't think so. i think as is. >> i remember in the 70's they tried this with the bay city rollers and it didn't really go over. >> what song did they sing there? >> saturday night, they couldn't get all the psalms out. >> thank you very much for the news. of course the big news this morning as we all open the door to come to work, it was freezing in new york city? >> we're talking very cold temperatures across parts of the east, temperatures well below average. i want to show wind chill averages across the northeast because it feels like in the 20's as you head out the door so you really need the jacket. feels like 27 now in new york city and feels like 23 in pittsburgh. even parts of alabama, parts of georgia waking up to wind chill temperatures in the 30's this morning. bundle up as you head out the door. you need that
say yesterday. [video clip] them a we do not know if it is a single religion or single border. they carry bad ideas instead of flowers. al qaeda is a dirty wind that wants to spread worldwide. flowers to to carry expand them at the international level. request. it is not only about iraq. it is about all of the countries in the world that are suffering from terrorism. many internal crisis in the crisis andproxy proxy wars for regional countries. the most dangerous of these are the wars that are waged on sectarian banners. people are free to choose their religion. no one has the right to interfere. some want to force what they believed on people and force people to think in the way they see fit. this is very dangerous. this kind of ideology and ,entality has its own school its own institute, its own supporters. we have the right to request the sufferingd, which is -- and to support all of the people that are suffering from al qaeda and the terrorists and allow for people to live in -- to live in peace. the prime minister meeting with obama, we will have that live for you at 1:30
limits the right of free exercise of religion. the justices striking down that requirement. saying it burdens or compels business owners regardless of their religious bleachbeliefs t provide health coverage which includes birth control. others say it's the employees who have the right to coverage. >> the only question here is whether our government can force religious business owners to pay for abortion-causing drugs and to pay for contraceptives even if that's against their deeply held religious beliefs. >> the reason for that is you have the right to practice what you want but an employer shouldn't have the right to deny the people who work at that institution their right to follow their consciouses and use contracepti contraception. >> a little background center on the owners of freshway foods, a pair of catholic brothers who did not want to provide cont contraceptives for their employees citing their religious beliefs. the two are facing a $14 million fine for not complying. while the obama administration says it is necessary, the judges were not convinced in this case. the dec
this the craziest costume, it seemed more religion on you message than mass ka raid. on the back of the cross were words "pray for boston" referring to the bombing. as he approached the ten-mile mark, he ran into police, the officers confiscated his cross, and a short while later he showed up at the precinct to retrieve it. apparently no cross meant no point in crossing the finish line. the tracker embedded in the bib each runner wears, in this case attached to the cross, shows marathon jesus ending his run at the ten-mile, ma after 1:49 minutes. it was registered to a man from japan. marathon jesus doesn't seem to want to spread the word. he told us i am not the jesus guy. even former "baywatch" star pamela anderson beat out marathon jesus. pamela at least managed to finish the 26.2 mar athought in 5 hours and 41 minutes, then tweeted out this photo captioned "ouch." you want ouch? try walking ten miles on new york concrete in bare feet. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >>> happening now, panic in the obama care war room. now proof of fears that people will be disappointed even after the website is fi
sort of false religion. the virginia governor's race on the air in norfolk virginia. >> terry mcauliffe will make an outstanding governor. it's mcauliffe who's been operating. it will be open, pragmatic, friendly to business, and committed to job growth. he has sensible, business friendly policies. he will work to bridge party divides and find common ground to move our state forward. that's what virginia needs. for us, the decision is clear -- terry mcauliffe. >> big differences for the race of governor. expands obama care, increases spending, raising your taxes by $1700. tim cuccinella, cutting taxes. terry mcauliffe, expand obama care. cuccinelli, cut taxes. to stop obama care and higher taxes, there's one choice. >> i'm ken cuccinelli, candidate for governor. >> difficulties piled up. you mentioned a few of them. today the president will be cam page for terry mcauliffe. >> the mcauliffe campaign didn't have it go in earlier. mcauliffe didn't try to nationalize this debate. i don't think the president's clinton will do a lot better. he and president clinton are best friends. it
overlooked due to their ethnicity and religion. while conducting this review, the department discovered seven individuals who did not meet the exact criteria of the connelly mandated review but nevertheless were deserving of the medal of honor. this bill would allow them to be recognized with the nation's highest award of valor. it is important to note that none of these brave americans asked for this renewed consideration. it was through the advocacy and admiration of loved ones and those that served with them that led to this effort. for those brave americans who show such extraordinary heroism in defense of our lebrits, it's never too late to say thank you. mr. adkins and mr. sloat and all the brave americans like them to them i say thank you. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlewoman from guam is recognized. mr. bordallo: mr. speaker, i rise in support of h.r. 3304, introduced by my friend and my colleague, mr. deutch from florida. h.r. 3304 authorized the president -- authorizes the president of the united s
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)